Commercial Ozone Units


Commercial wash down Unit 

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Commercial Ozone Units

Large commercial units available 
Different sizes, specifications & pricing.  
The advertised unit is a 15g unit with oxygen concentrator, it has the ability to be used as a gas unit or for injecting ozone into water.
Ozone can be injected into the water through a venturi as a result highly concentrated ozonated water can be applied at high flow rates making it the perfect sterilising washdown unit. 
Ozone is ideal for food preparation facilities as it leaves no chemical residues behind and it is easy to incorporate into your existing production facilities.
Ozone reduces ongoing operational costs, including the purchase of chemicals as well as the storage of chemicals and the Scheduled CIP (clean in place) procedures will produce a germ-free environment.
No chemical residues left behind - More sustainable and environmentally friendly  alternative to chemicals. 


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