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Mark Manson - Fisherman (surf casting)

"I have been using Oxifresh for the past few weeks and found that it eliminates odours from fish and bait effectively. In addition my hands and forearms get itchy from the fish juices, Oxi-fresh seems to taken care of that also. Great product on cuts and scrapes" 

"I have found Oxi-Fresh a great product to use for odour elimination, eczema and dry skin" 

Leon Wood

Statement of Fact 

My personal experiences of using Oxida Calendula

27th December 2019

Was at Tahunanui Beach reserve and was eaten by local sand fly's I was in a state of serious discomfort as the minutes rolled on.

I went back to my vehicle where I had a small container of Oxida Calendula. 

I immediately applied it to the areas that I had been bitten. Within 3 minutes of the application, never for the next 5 days did I have to scratch again. 

6th February 2020 

Attending Elton John concert at Mission Estate Winery Hawkes Bay. 

During the concert I could feel I was slowly getting bitten and noticed a mosquito on my leg. By the time I walked back to our motel I was in trouble as I was scratching myself and drawing blood.

Once inside I dived for my bag and got our the Oxida Calendula, I applied it to the effected areas of my body working it in. Within 3 minutes the itchiness had completely gone. Went to bed and never had to touch those bite areas again. 

24th February 2020

Was caravaning at Amodeo Bay the Coromandel was bitten by some random insect in the middle of the night while in the caravan. I got out of bed after some time and looked at my bites, they were red swollen lumps.  

I got out the Oxida Calendula and applied it rubbing it into each bitten area, within 5 minutes all the scratchiness and pain had disappeared. The next 5 days I never had to touch or scratch those areas again.

2nd March 2020 

Down on the lake front Taupo having a swim got badly bitten by some random insect , went back to my vehicle to get Oxida Calendula but couldn't find it. I was in severe discomfort and pain so I went to the local pharmacy and asked for help They supplied Labixen Billastine and Calamine lotion to apply.

I went home and applied it and it helped but didn't totally remove the itchiness or pain. I then rung Jeff Drummond from NZ Ozone and said "Mate I've lost my Oxida Calendula could you please courier overnight another small container. I suffered until the courier delivered it to me. 

I immediately applied it to the affected areas and the pain and scratchiness completely disappeared.

This product performs for me better than any other product available in any pharmacies in New Zealand today.

I confirm the truth of this statement.

Signed by Leon Derick Wood 21/03/2020 

Noel Delaney

To whom it may concern my name is Noel Delaney and I live in Motueka, I work in the horticulture industry and hence in the sun all day. I have had an operation to cut out Melanoma previously. 

I was given a container of Oxida Calendula Balm by a friend and applied it to other melanoma growths. To my amazement the growth disappeared. I have recently applied it to another large growth/ wart on my arm and after several days the lesion has gone. 

My partner is also using it on rashes with amazing results. 

This product is amazing! 


Peter Elliot

I have been using the refrigerator ( ozone) now for 11 days. 

I've noticed a huge different in the freshness of the veges and fruit. No bad smells within the fridge just still beautiful looking veges and fruit from the garden. 

Brilliant device.

Kiley Hooper

 I am Kiley and I am a Chef

Recently I brought some Oxida Calendual Balm.

I used it on burns I received from hot oil, it cleared and healed my skin within hours.

I also use it as a lip balm as well as on bites from mosquitoes.

Great product and highly recommend to be used on anything. 

Well done team

Russell Wells

Hello I'm Russell 

I obtained some Oxi-Fresh from a friend. OMG it cures odour big time.

I had smelly shoes, best product I have ever used. Also both me and my partner are using it daily as a sanitiser and like its general therapeutic and sanitising properties. 

Well done team.

Hotel Motueka

Hi Hotel Motueka here

We have been using an ozone machine supplied from NZ Ozone for 8 months now and it is excellent for getting rid of cooking odours, sewer odours, sanitiser on bench tops, kitchen surfaces and general sanitiser in toilets and high risk public areas.

Great product.

Hotel Mot


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