Food lasts longer

Keeps Fridge smelling fresh

Large refrigerators Ozone Unit

Ozone is a naturally occurring gas that may be referred to as “activated oxygen". It contains three atoms of oxygen(O³) instead of the usual two found in normal oxygen(O²). It is a colourless gas with a distinct (but pleasant) odour.
Ozone is the safest and second most powerful oxidant known to man. It performs 3,125 times faster than chlorine as a bactericide and is the strongest oxidant commercially available for air and water treatment. 

Ozone as an oxidant neutralizes contaminants or chemically alters them so that they can be more easily eliminated.
Ozone removes odours, pathogens and reduces ethylene. 
Ozone is an unstable molecule, when it comes in contact with bacteria, it causes the cell membrane to oxidise and rupture. This oxidation prevents the growth and survival of bacteria that would lead to mould, bad odours, and other signs of food spoilage.
Activated oxygen neutralises ethylene gas – the gas that causes produce to ripen.
Reduction in ethylene gas helps to keep fruit and vegetables fresh for up to three times longer.
• Non-toxic fridge freshener
• Extends the life of fruit and vegetables - Food stays fresh longer
• Contributes to neutralising mould, yeast, fungus and ethylene gas
• Reduces and eliminates pathogens
• Eliminates the need for plastic bags, plastic wraps or traditional food containers
• Reduces odors from your refrigerator
• No maintenance and filters
• Reduces food waste
• Battery operated The NZO fridge unit is your safeguard against bad odours and food spoilage 


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