Benchtop Multi-purpose O3 Unit

Bench Top Ozone units 

Ozonation of water
Rinse any foodstuff, meat, seafood, fruit and vegetables with ozonated water, this will not only remove viruses & bacteria but it will also reduce and/or remove pesticides and other chemicals and antibiotics. Sterilise cutting boards, knives and other utensils in ozonated water without chemical residues. 

Air Purification with Ozone  
Sterilise whole rooms Killing virus, bacteria, mould and odour with ozone. Simply set the unit running with the remote control as you leave the room. The unit will run for a prescribed amount of time before shutting off. The Ozone gas will fill every nook and cranny in the room killing virus, bacteria, fungus and mould. After treatment leave sufficient time for ozone gas to dissipate before reentering the room, upon doing so open up doors and windows to allow the room to breath. 

The New Zealand Department of Labour classifies ozone as being safe providing it  under 100 PPB (parts per billion) in the air we breath.  

Ozone has a clean fresh & pleasant odour, - (the same smell you get after a thunder storm)

Special testing equipment can be purchased if requested, however as a general rule of thumb if there is a strong ozone smell left in the room do not enter. Once when you do re-enter open the windows and doors allowing the room to ventilate. 


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